United for Fully Funded Public Education

United SD61 is a progressive coalition of five individuals brought together by our common belief in the importance of public education as a cornerstone of our society and our communities. Incumbents Edith Loring-Kuhanga, Diane McNally, Deborah Nohr, and candidates Rob Paynter and Jordan Watters request your vote for Greater Victoria School District 61 School Trustee in the Municipal Elections on November 15th.

Individual Platforms – Common Goals

We are independent candidates choosing to work collaboratively in our campaign for (re)election because we share core values and believe in the importance of having a diversity of progressive voices at the school board. Each coalition member brings unique perspectives, areas of expertise, and professional experience to the table. We are united in our unwavering commitment to a fully funded public education system capable of meeting the needs and enriching the lives of all students.

We believe the Greater Victoria School District SD61 Needs:

  • Decision making based on a renewed partnership with parents, students and staff
  • Public engagement on class size, composition and learning support
  • A Trustee-led budget committee for increased transparency
  • A strategic plan that guides SD61 into the future

Our individual platforms are highlighted on our individual pages on this website (see tabs above), and are fleshed out in more detail on each of our websites.



5 thoughts on “United for Fully Funded Public Education

  1. A fabulous ad in the Lower Island News! What a team – you’re already out front and the buzz is only beginning! It’s also excellent that your commentaries are in the LIN, Deborah and Diane. You’re bringing so much energy and enlightenment to the public – in fact you’re helping to bring the public back into public education! I’m keen to get started handing out your brochure at public libraries.


  2. Excellent, finally collaboration and awareness. Come out and leaflet with us teachers on Wed. and Monday at the BBQ at the board office. I look forward to this coalition’s partnerships with teachers, parents and students for transparency in educational policies. Make it ground roots so the public are informed and motivated to vote!


    1. None of us currently live in Esquimalt. However, I lived up the road from Macauley from 2010-2013. Many of my friends with children live in the area, and I would love to one day be back in the neighbourhood.

      Best, Jordan Watters


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