Deborah Nohr

A Quality Educational Experience For All Students

A Social Justice Mandate

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Deborah has committed the past three years to her work as a trustee in SD 61. She has brought forward many important motions and voted for motions that support greater public engagement, transparency of Board issues and information, directing funding to the classroom and instituting committees for financial oversight and strategic planning.

There must not be an ‘affordability zone’ for our children’s educational experience. It is essential that the funding that was removed from public education in 2002 (Bill 28 – Public Education Flexibility and Choice Act ) be re-instated. The province wide funding that has been lost calculates out to be approximately $300M per year or more than $3B over the past decade if  the operating budget and the capital budget (fixing up our schools) is included. The starving of public education is a community issue. Deborah is working closely with community organizations and parents committed to restoring funding to public education  The long term effects are now present and observable in our children, in the impact to our families and in our communities and workplaces.

Deborah is working to achieve :
*Restoring Quality Learning Environments for All Students

*Developing a Full Partnership With Our First Nations Communities

* Encouraging / Supporting Community and Staff Involvement in All Decision Making

*Developing Systems / Processes to Create Greater Transparency and Accountability

in SD 61 Governance
Deborah has taught in almost all the schools in SD61. She knows the strengths and the areas of concern that need to be immediately addressed. Deborah’s experience as an educator in public education and her deep understanding of the Greater Victoria School District are a significant asset when making decisions at the Board table. She is also a passionate advocate for public education and as part of a progressive majority will raise the profile of public education issues within our community.

Deborah is a retired teacher, business owner and is completing her first 3 year term as a trustee in the Greater Victoria School District.

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(Authorized by Niels Nohr, Financial Agent for Deborah Nohr)


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