Jordan Watters

Working for students. Working for the future.


Jordan Watters is the mother of two pre-school aged boys – future class of 2029 and 2031. Her children are her motivation to run for School Trustee as she wants to make sure that SD61 is able to provide them with the best education possible. This means standing up against chronic underfunding of public education, and supporting the teachers, specialists and support workers who dedicate themselves to the students in this district.

Jordan is committed to equity and excellence in public education, and she will fight to ensure that ALL students in our district can reach their highest potential.

Jordan will work to achieve:

  • Class sizes and compositions that allow teachers to spend regular one-on-one time with each student in the class.
  • Increased access to librarians and school counsellors
  • Supports for vulnerable students assuring no one’s child falls through the cracks
  • Open and responsive school district governance that fosters opportunities for community, parent and student engagement
  • A Strategic Plan to guide SD61 into the future

Jordan has a proven track record as a passionate advocate for public education, and she brings a future minded approach to the table. Jordan will work to ensure the efficient management of limited school district funding through key planning initiatives including a Capital Management Plan. She will work tirelessly to ensure that the plans in place reflect the needs and wants of parents and students, and support successful learning outcomes for all the students of our district.

Jordan is the Research Director for Izen Consulting where she specializes in economic and labour market analysis. She holds a Masters degree in Sociology with specialization in Education from Queen’s University.

To learn more visit:


Twitter: @Supportbced

WATTERS business card


(Authorized by Jordan Watters, Financial Agent for Jordan Watters)


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